Premier Fender

Premier fenders have been creating a soft landing for your investment since 2006. Boat Fenders are a necessity no matter what the size of your boat; fenders protect your boat from damage when docking and rafting up. In the past, boat fenders were big and bulky and most of all ugly. Luxurious boats have had to suffer with tugboat like fenders that take away from the beauty of their hulls.

Today, the Premier Fender allows the majestic beauty of your boat  to shine. Our fenders are the most efficient boat fenders on the market today. 

Our designers worked tirelessly to come up with product that compliments high end boats; What makes our fenders so different from the rest is that our Premier Fenders are inflatable; use it when you need it and store it out of sight when you don’t. Standard fenders can get in the way and even be dangerous especially if they are stored on a deck; our Premier Fenders can be deflated and stored in even the smallest of spaces.

Using an inflatable fender has many benefits:

  • The aesthetics of your boat remains the same
  • Inflatable fenders inflate quickly
  • Deflates quickly
  • Stow in small out of sight places

The Premier Fender is available in many different sizes:

  • 18”x45”
  • 25”x65”
  • 38”x75”
You’ve seen boats, beautiful and majestically floating on the ocean, and then you look closer and see their ugly fenders hanging on the sides. These types of fenders detract from the beauty of your boat. For most boat owners, their boats are their pride and joy; being out on the ocean on a clear day is the ultimate in relaxation.

Having fenders hanging on the side of the boat can really detract from the look of the boat. With our Premier Fender, all that will be seen while cruising the open seas is your magnificent boat. You inflate our fenders only when you need them.

Our Premier Fenders are made of the highest-grade material and heat welded into seven layers to ensure the tightest leakproof seam available on the market today! The Premier Fenders are UV resistant, sleek and stylish, just like your pristine investment. 

Docking in a marine area can be treacherous; especially when space is limited. Our Premier Fenders allow you to dock with the confidence in knowing that your boat will be safe and damage free. 

Whether your boat is thirty feet long or two hundred and fifty feet, we have the perfect Premier Fender to fit your docking needs – Protect your investment today with the best!!!